Advantages of selling assets at auction

  • Seller has full control of when, where, how much, terms and conditions, etc.
  • Fully transparent and fair to all concerned
  • Establishes a floor but eliminates a ceiling price
  • Competitive bidding—when bidders compete for a single asset, sellers are winners
  • Only method that truly defines the “fair market value”
  • Creates sense of urgency—the asset will sell today at a price to be determined
  • Satisfies all government and court requirements
  • Creates excitement
  • Auctioning your assets — (Real Estate and Personal Property)

    United Country Low Country Auction & Real Estate offers a complete marketing and event planning services. Each client’s needs are unique. We offer a plan that is tailored to your needs. Our auction services include:

    • Online auctions
    • Live auctions
    • Simulcast auctions (combination of live and online)
    • Earnest Money Trust Accounts
    • Contract Completion and Closing Facilitation

    Our goal for our sellers is to design a marketing plan that will generate the largest number of qualified buyers for your asset. This will result in the highest and best price on auction day. Contact us for more information.

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